Wednesday, April 15, 2015


(This is a funny take on our mobile savvy world and has nothing to do with god or the devil.) Yup, I am mobile, I mean I have a mobile soooo... Sigh!!! I love watching the world go by and hence my mobiile seems to lie idle throughout the day except when I wish to call someone. But observing people I have realised there is no relation except that of 'The Mobile' today. All friends, relatives are made on the mobile. We are now a nation of 1.21 billion and above who are all "Of the mobile, for the mobile and by the mobile". A dear friend of mine who died two years back would call all the new gadgets as devils workshop, he lived a sedate and hermit like life but was worldly wise. What he said was true - no waking hour goes by where we do not use mobiles, computers, TV, radio, and other gadgets. Little by little humans are forgetting what friendship, love, moral values, higher living, smart thinking etc. They cannot live without these gadgets and life has no meaning unless we have a mobile - the latest with different types of apps, it is restricting the mobile users without them realising it. The mobile has achieved a lot over the people. It has sneaked, pushed and cajoled its way into the lives for everyone from watching, hearing, eating, drinking, shopping, sleeping, learning, traveling, mapping etc. everything is now a part of the mobile. True to my friend's belief the Mobile has become the boss of our lives.his two or three inch tall mobile or maybe taller is the New King we never expected that would rule and take over our lives so fast and furiously. As Elvis would sing - You are the Devil in disguise yes you are...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Innocence. Feelings, the most important thing that helps one connect to another human or anIimal. But it has become the most abused and misunderstood of the emotions. Today, while going home I met a child, 'a special child' about six years old while walking past me - who had been observing me for a minute or so when I reached him just stretched his arm to stop me, I smiled and ruffled his hair, said hello to him, his eyes looked at me as if he wanted to say something and yet could not. But he touched my soul, he did not need to say anything, his eyes did all the work. He, at that moment just needed a friend who would make him feel whole again, I reached out, shook his hand asked him a question or two which got no response but yet in his heart he had made a new friend whom he was reluctant to let go and so was I. He waved good bye. That moment - the time stood still -it is so precious it made me feel like a child, a child innocent of heart with such clear eyes - a rare combination you do not find in this age. Feelings and innocence you look everywhere and yet is not easy to find. Modern age is making children lose their feelings and innocence faster than they can say the word delete.