Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pre Marriage verification is a must!!!

Ten to fifteen years back it was easy for any girl or boy to agree to the marriage proposal set up by their parents. The parents and the uncles and aunts got involved in verifying the details of the boy or girl. But with the advent of internet and mobile phones the boy and girl like to choose their own partners. Choosing your own partner is easy but whether he is right in every manner – character, financially, socially, habit wise, everything has to be accounted for before you take the plunge of a married life. Everything is done on trust and that is the most difficult to attain in this day and age of machines. An SMS, an email or internet chatting does not really tell you the other person’s intentions and what he/she is really. Save yourself and your future with the help of private detectives. Once such agency is Sleuths India Consultancy (p) Ltd with 16 years of experience and some of the most talented staff, they can help solve your queries and misunderstandings in complete secrecy. Collecting evidence and also doing surveillance are just two ways to achieve their goal. Their website http://sleuthsindiadetectives.com/ give you detailed explanation on how they go about the entire operation. You can also call 1800-102-0208. A pre mat enquiry saved an individual’s life from turning hell. Chatting with a friend whom he though was compatible to him on the net, he decided to marry her but a timely intervention on behalf of another his friend led to an enquiry that revealed that she was already living with another man whom the world knew as her husband but was a live-in relation and she was also fooling the clients friend into believing that she loved him and wanted to marry him. On being confronted she refused but more probing the real truth came out. The client was extremely happy with the result of the investigation. Persistent hard work by the investigators leads to truth. Help a loved one face the truth because THE TRUTH STARTS FROM HERE.


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