Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ouch! This STING hurts.

Sting OPS or operations have become a norm and are being used to expose corrupt government servants to ministers. From news channels to private citizens everyone has an axe to grind with someone. Some do to expose corruption and others to take revenge or just a tit for tat action. Using high end pinhole cameras and tiny microphones hidden in buttons, bags, glass cases, diaries, pens, etc. are used to record the subject’s movements and also their voices in conversation. It all started with Tehelka then came other news channels Aaj Tak, India TV, CNN, Star and now every news channel wants a part of an expose’ on TV. Done in the right place and time it can expose many people but also put those ‘damned’ on guard. This makes them extra careful and they keep checking for bugs, or sting operations when it is not happening but when they happen they never really come to know and fall into the trap. A few cases where the sting caused a sensation:- 1. NDTV showed how Sanjay Nanda’s lawyer was trying to make the key witness retract his story of him killing seven people under his BMW In 1999. Sanjay Nanda was the son of Navy Chief at that time. 2. 2001 Tehelka launched Operation Westend to expose corruption in the Indian Defence Ministry. 3. 2005 India TV sent an undercover reporter as a starlet to Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma who were ready to get her a break in movies and plump roles if she would give them se xual favours. 4. Tehelka and Star TV in 2006 exposed how Manu Sharma forced the defence witnesses to speak in his favour. 5. In 2008 CNN IBN caught Amar Singh’s MP on camera handing over money to BJP MPs in Lok Sabha. 6. Delhi Police arrests two senior Zee group editors where they demanded a 100 crore from Jindals to drop a news about Jindals in the news. Sting Op is considered legal as an individual has the right to expose corrupt government servants and ministers etc. Article 51 (A) of the constitution of India gives you a right to expose the corrupt. This is called legal entrapment and all those who come together to expose can corroborate the evidence. Now stings can be used to expose even a corrupt business partner, corrupt colleague, personal relation or wayward spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend. Need to expose someone or something then get the best Sleuths to do the job. Sleuths India Consultancy (P) Ltd. Or Call 1800-102-0208 or log on to www.sleuthsindiadetectives.com


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