Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Missing inventory!!!

- Get the Sleuths to do the job for you. Mystery shopping is a word you may have heard or read it somewhere. But do you actually know what it is? Mystery shopping can be of two types. One is where the owner is doing a study of what a shopper really shops for or if the company is short changing its customers and the other when the owner is trying to account for missing inventory in his shop, or factory etc. Or he could be just suspicious about an employee’s loyalty or dealings where he/she may be making deals without the owner’s knowledge. Almost every company that deals with the customers requires information and feedback at some point or the other. Mystery shopping is something which is done only by Sleuths as professional shoppers . They go on a shopping spree where the client requests buying, or just looking for discounts and deals unknown to the client but has been an initiative of his/her staff member. They check out small things like how they greet or treat the shopper; what is the quality of service they offer; what the staff is actually doing in the work time; compliance of the rules, regulations and laws by the staff ; loyalty, honesty; and also under ringing of the cash counter and theft by failing to charge certain customers. This is a standard practice with many corporate clients to determine the loyalty of an employee. The information is gathered by blending in with other shoppers, they take pictures and also video record the shopping exercise. In the US only trained Sleuths are allowed to carry out these operations as many things in this operation are considered to be law bound and hence require trained sleuths. Get the best sleuths in business Sleuths India Consultancy (p) Ltd. 1800-102-0208 Toll Free or log on www.sleuthsindiadetectives.com to solve your corporate problems.


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