Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It’s all about the mobile.

Mobiles have certainly made our life easy but it has also made it complex as every new modern day invention does. A Zambian judge said in a divorce case that “cell phones are contributing to the destruction of people's marriages,” because the mobiles are being used for other purposes than what they were meant for!!! Mobiles have intentionally or unintentionally started to interfere in the regular lives of people and in their interpersonal relationships. People prefer talking to friends on the phone rather than to the person sitting close by. Excessive usage of mobiles by taking business calls, surfing, chatting with new friends and even unknowns – also known as phone friends at all hours has created a wedge between people and a zone of silence when they are not speaking on the phone. They are like the laptop – it goes to sleep when not operated on for long and wakes up when touched. It’s the same with people. They have become mechanical and come alive at the ring of the phone. This has created a much wrong impression in the minds of many a spouse that ‘without the phone they are totally unsocial’. This has led to increase number of spouses using tech savvy phones that allow them to record, audio and video tape and email of their spouses whom they are suspicious of. The recordings in fact are many times made in such a manner that the person recorded is made to look the guilty party. Tech savvy phones, increase in browsing capability and separate friends and lives and all types of distractions has led to increase the distance between two spouses. 7500 cases are filed for divorce in Mumbai, 9000 in Delhi and 3000 in Bangalore each year. 70 per cent of the cases are being filed by couples between the age groups of 25 to 45 and 85 per do it within the first year of their marriage. Mobile phones have indirectly caused divorces with incriminating evidence of infidelity like text messages and emails discovered on their spouses’ mobile phones. The only way to clear their doubts and suspicious is to get a sleuth to check out the details or identity of the person your spouse has befriended. Getting call records is an illegal activity and is a service one can avail if he/she goes through the police. Everyone wants a stable life in a marriage but problems do arise, don’t become a detective hire a professional who will do the job for you. From a discreet enquiry to having your spouse under constant watch to clear your doubts. The best people to do the job are Sleuths India Consultancy (P) Ltd., check their website for contact details www.sleuthsindiadetectives.com or call 1800-102-0208.


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