Monday, March 30, 2009

News from my first book

Check out for a review of my book:-Sunday, May 18, 2008,

Discover what lies beneath.

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ntique Furniture
Billcliffe, Roger. Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The
Complete Furniture, Furniture Drawings and Interior
Designs. 320p. £120.00 Cameron & Hollis
(1.2007) 0 906506 23 9
Kaur, Harpreet. Archaeology: Techniques and
Methods. 22cm.186p. £10.95 Rupa
(1.2007) 81 291 0967 0
Levene, Dan & Rothenberg, Beno. Metallurgical
Gemara, A: Metals in the Jewish Sources.
21cm.200p.Ill. £39.95 Inst.for Archaeo-met

Sunday, March 08, 2009


I may have not written for a very long time, but working for a magazine that gives you no access to gmail is like being at the dead end of the world. The past two three months have changed me - i do not for good or bad. But life has improved in someways and yet gone down the drain in many places.

I do not know how to react to people, their behaviour, or how do I find what life truly holds for me in the future. Writing and my books are the only thing that have been steady as stones in my life and a little bit of faith. The faith is shaken many times, people's aloof, unknd behaviour leaves me cold, literally. I always shiver when it happens. I gave up my dream of writing a book on biography- am not good at that, but am writing stories - strictly fiction but based in reality - am going to do just that for a long time to come or till i can complete my non-fiction history book . Hope I succed in my new venture.