Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Published and be damned

It is so easy to say that you are a good writer, write and get published. But the joke is truly on the writers.
E-publishers say write, you do not need to spend any money and yet you earn a lot of money. Have you tried it and how many books have you sold - none or few, I believe. To date, the old system of publishing seems to work best even now. Few writers have or make that much money to self-publish or e-publish.
A friend recently sent a book aboard for review they liked it and were ready to publish but she would have to contribute about five-and-half-lakh to get the book published. That money would take care of the publishing cost, publicity, license etc. A rosy picture indeed but that came with a cautious warning from a friend in the publishing world that they will publish just ten to twenty books, keep your money and you will not see nothing else of it. The writer backed down as she was not able to source that kind of money nor did she feel safe in giving her work to an outside publisher.
Junk writing finds place and publicity; few good writers that write well find a place under the sun. The situation with e-publishing is worse to say the least – write, print, send money and keep checking every now and then whether your book is selling. It happened to me, till frustration made me delete the book completely and take it off the net.
I rather have people read my stuff completely free on my blog or my friend’s website than anywhere else. I got a publisher to publish my book after ten years; the second book I wrote and deleted from the e-publisher, third book is complete and am still looking for a publisher. Over the years the rejections have become a state of affair with me where at one time tears would come to my eyes but now only a sarcastic smile. After eighteen years getting a foot hold in the world of established writers is and has become a very difficult journey for me, I still choose to walk this path.
There are umpteen books in the market that tell you and teach you how to write books and how to get them published. But there is one thing they can never teach you, how to handle the umpteen rejections, and sending and resending to various publishers the copy of your manuscript again and again. And the other thing on how to get your book published without the heartache.
It is very easy to write, believe me but not to get published. Yes there are solutions like self publishing, but as an Australian website says it is very costly but if you can, then go ahead for the payback is really good.
The wait is killing - waiting for an affirmation that they are willing to publishing, and waiting to hear that your book is good etc etc.
But there is one thing I will and can tell you, keep writing no matter what you face, for then you will constantly be improving in our style, your language and what you write. And also never stop submitting your work to various publishers till you get published. Because, will print your book someone, somewhere and as you want it to.