Thursday, June 21, 2007


I usually think a lot before writing anything, but this is coming from my heart and soul. I love reading books and lately I have been reading Annals and antiques of Rajasthan By Lt. Col. James Tod who traveled and wrote about it in 1818. Simultaneously I am also reading a true story of an Indian warrior - Prithviraj Chauhan written by Chand Bardai his official court poet and biographer, its called Prithviraj Raso.

Two books that talk about war, warriors, history and what took place - each complimenting the other in their own way. One recording in a poem form the bravery of a warrior - the other giving facts and breaking the fiction of what actually took place. Comparison, information, thoughts all come together here.

Few read two different sets of books at the same time, but this is turning out to be very very interesting, I feel as if I am moving back in time when it all took place. I have to maybe just turn my head and find myself among the warriors and brave men discussed by the two authors. Two very different men, coming from different backgrounds and yet telling the same story and legend of brave men that existed in the ages gone by.

Ah! a thought maybe I amy just do my doctorate in such books , who knows. Well readers if you get a chance do read these two books - they tell you history in a way the books of today can never do it and never make it interesting.

Two volumes of each and i have almost completed one volume of each in the past one month. The love for history has continued and increased over the years for me.


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