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Three books of mine can now be found on One of these includes my coffee table book on Kumbhalgarh, the Saint from Ajmer and my novel Song of the Desert. Attaching a link for my three books on amazon...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


(This is a funny take on our mobile savvy world and has nothing to do with god or the devil.) Yup, I am mobile, I mean I have a mobile soooo... Sigh!!! I love watching the world go by and hence my mobiile seems to lie idle throughout the day except when I wish to call someone. But observing people I have realised there is no relation except that of 'The Mobile' today. All friends, relatives are made on the mobile. We are now a nation of 1.21 billion and above who are all "Of the mobile, for the mobile and by the mobile". A dear friend of mine who died two years back would call all the new gadgets as devils workshop, he lived a sedate and hermit like life but was worldly wise. What he said was true - no waking hour goes by where we do not use mobiles, computers, TV, radio, and other gadgets. Little by little humans are forgetting what friendship, love, moral values, higher living, smart thinking etc. They cannot live without these gadgets and life has no meaning unless we have a mobile - the latest with different types of apps, it is restricting the mobile users without them realising it. The mobile has achieved a lot over the people. It has sneaked, pushed and cajoled its way into the lives for everyone from watching, hearing, eating, drinking, shopping, sleeping, learning, traveling, mapping etc. everything is now a part of the mobile. True to my friend's belief the Mobile has become the boss of our lives.his two or three inch tall mobile or maybe taller is the New King we never expected that would rule and take over our lives so fast and furiously. As Elvis would sing - You are the Devil in disguise yes you are...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Innocence. Feelings, the most important thing that helps one connect to another human or anIimal. But it has become the most abused and misunderstood of the emotions. Today, while going home I met a child, 'a special child' about six years old while walking past me - who had been observing me for a minute or so when I reached him just stretched his arm to stop me, I smiled and ruffled his hair, said hello to him, his eyes looked at me as if he wanted to say something and yet could not. But he touched my soul, he did not need to say anything, his eyes did all the work. He, at that moment just needed a friend who would make him feel whole again, I reached out, shook his hand asked him a question or two which got no response but yet in his heart he had made a new friend whom he was reluctant to let go and so was I. He waved good bye. That moment - the time stood still -it is so precious it made me feel like a child, a child innocent of heart with such clear eyes - a rare combination you do not find in this age. Feelings and innocence you look everywhere and yet is not easy to find. Modern age is making children lose their feelings and innocence faster than they can say the word delete.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Come, Walk with me II

The land of Royalty, sprinkled with vast sand deserts and colourful people, mystical practices, mythical heroes, famous warriors and women to die for. Everything but everything is charming, beautiful and attractive in Rajasthan, the colourful state that few words can describe it. You have to feel it to know – the people, the land, the art, architecture and everything that makes it. No one thing can be said that this explains it all. The love for something so beautiful and rich cannot be just explained. Read on to feel a little about my favourite place, maybe someday it will draw my readers to come to India, and Rajasthan to really see and feel it all. My new book on

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monumental Kumbhalgarh by Harpreet Kaur

My coffee table book is now available across in book stores, or on net you can buy them anywhere.

Ensure, your Future!!!

Often we hear the word due diligence all to do with people who verify your details for a credit card, bank account or loan. But that is not all. The term Due Diligence was used in the United States after establishing their Securities Act 1933. It required that brokers and dealers disclose to the investors what they find when buying or selling equity so that would not be held responsible for non-disclosure of information. Over a period of time this term came to be used for mergers, acquisitions and began to be adopted for many other uses. It can be described as examination of the target for a merger, acquisition, financial transaction or privatisation etc. They ask questions, which helps them get familiar with the target. They study their policies, practices, analyse how much to pay, how to buy, and their valuation. The main area for concern is financial, legal, market, labour, tax; real and other properties etc. As the private sector continues to progress in the world of business and finance, the decision to fund or not to fund is based upon a balance of objective data analysis, insight into the general state of organizational health and stability, and intuition. Due Diligence is used in civil litigation, supplier quality engineering, criminal law, commercial property, information security, human rights and philanthropy, hedge funds and forex. Each investigation is different but concerns itself in the investigation of a corporation. This investigation assures the investor or buyer that the company is rock solid, has funds, and is not bankrupt. Usually when two companies merge a legal team is hired that is an expert in due diligence work and they also have trained investigators to look into the various aspects like finance, employees, bank records, legal status, history, and its assets and liabilities. The information is gathered and then given to an analyst. The investigators look into even minute details like employees not having faith in the company dealings. This investigation is to make sure that a merger or an acquisition faces a smooth road and not a bumpy when the transition occurs. An investigator uses mystery shopping, asset search, background checks, surveillance, and various different types of investigative techniques including discreetly talking to your employees, sourcing public records, checking out overseas operations. All the information that will help make a better deal. No legitimate company would object to such an investigation. Due Diligence work is undertaken by Sleuths India Consultancy (P) Ltd. Log on to their website or you can call them on 1800-102-0208.

How to catch a cheating spouse?

Do you want information on your spouse. It could be his/her whereabouts, what he/she is doing the entire day, or if they have a source of income and yet asking for alimony; proof of their having extra marital affair. All the information can be sourced. Leave it to trained investigators, they will get the information you seek. It could even be a picture because a picture speaks a thousand words. A proper investigation will clear a lot of doubts because they know where to look and what to look for exactly and how they will get the information. If you have a little proof keep it; do not confront or your spouse they will go on guard and whatever proof you want will become harder to source. But before that, get your proof together through a trained investigator proving your spouse’s infidelity. It is very important that you do not interfere with an investigators work pattern and his investigation. Gathering information takes times and it is for those with lots of patience, and observation power. Signs of infidelity Setting up an email account without your knowledge Dressing up carefully with strong perfume before leaving for the day and coming home late Busy endlessly on the phone Shows no interest in you and your life Criticises you Locks computer with an unknown password Makes new friends you have no knowledge about Buys a new phone without you knowing Fights a lot No close relationship from many months Famous couples who cheated Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Sienna Miller and Jude Law Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson Bill and Hillary Clinton Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Get yourself trained sleuths at Sleuths India Consultancy (P) Ltd. Or log on or call 1800-102-0208.

Say no to temptation, you are being watched.

A straying spouse is the worst nightmare for any man or woman. Marriage is a lifetime of commitment but a few just cannot help themselves or find easy opportunities that they cannot overlook. Straying is not just having a roving eye, the problems could run much deeper than it looks. The fault could have been detected before the marriage but was not with the help of detectives. Maybe it was a marriage of convenience, or they are just so unlike each other that they do not gel, mistrust by one can force another to look for succour somewhere else, or maybe they still like someone else that they did before marriage. Sleuths India will help you go to the source of the problem. Surveillance is the apt method to check out whether a spouse is cheating. Followed relentlessly for over ten hours in a day, it may seem monotonous for some, but these account for every minute of the day –where and when an individual has gone and what they have been doing throughout. With hourly updates and if found in suspicious circumstances the spouse is informed immediately. All this is supported by video made with the world’s best camera that has 60x optical zoom giving a clarity that is unbelievable and also admissible in a court of law. Their website gives you detailed explanation on how they go about the entire operation. You can also call their toll free number 1800-102-0208. They investigate and also find out what exactly went wrong. Many times it’s just a suspicious spouse and in fact there is nothing really going on. There was a case where they helped a woman. Her spouse was acting suspicious from many months. Detailed surveillance revealed that “he was not having an affair’’ but had lost his job and did not have the courage or the heart to tell his wife. And so was avoiding her company and her questions. The truth saved her marriage of many years, as she was on the verge of filing for divorce.

Missing inventory!!!

- Get the Sleuths to do the job for you. Mystery shopping is a word you may have heard or read it somewhere. But do you actually know what it is? Mystery shopping can be of two types. One is where the owner is doing a study of what a shopper really shops for or if the company is short changing its customers and the other when the owner is trying to account for missing inventory in his shop, or factory etc. Or he could be just suspicious about an employee’s loyalty or dealings where he/she may be making deals without the owner’s knowledge. Almost every company that deals with the customers requires information and feedback at some point or the other. Mystery shopping is something which is done only by Sleuths as professional shoppers . They go on a shopping spree where the client requests buying, or just looking for discounts and deals unknown to the client but has been an initiative of his/her staff member. They check out small things like how they greet or treat the shopper; what is the quality of service they offer; what the staff is actually doing in the work time; compliance of the rules, regulations and laws by the staff ; loyalty, honesty; and also under ringing of the cash counter and theft by failing to charge certain customers. This is a standard practice with many corporate clients to determine the loyalty of an employee. The information is gathered by blending in with other shoppers, they take pictures and also video record the shopping exercise. In the US only trained Sleuths are allowed to carry out these operations as many things in this operation are considered to be law bound and hence require trained sleuths. Get the best sleuths in business Sleuths India Consultancy (p) Ltd. 1800-102-0208 Toll Free or log on to solve your corporate problems.

It’s all about the mobile.

Mobiles have certainly made our life easy but it has also made it complex as every new modern day invention does. A Zambian judge said in a divorce case that “cell phones are contributing to the destruction of people's marriages,” because the mobiles are being used for other purposes than what they were meant for!!! Mobiles have intentionally or unintentionally started to interfere in the regular lives of people and in their interpersonal relationships. People prefer talking to friends on the phone rather than to the person sitting close by. Excessive usage of mobiles by taking business calls, surfing, chatting with new friends and even unknowns – also known as phone friends at all hours has created a wedge between people and a zone of silence when they are not speaking on the phone. They are like the laptop – it goes to sleep when not operated on for long and wakes up when touched. It’s the same with people. They have become mechanical and come alive at the ring of the phone. This has created a much wrong impression in the minds of many a spouse that ‘without the phone they are totally unsocial’. This has led to increase number of spouses using tech savvy phones that allow them to record, audio and video tape and email of their spouses whom they are suspicious of. The recordings in fact are many times made in such a manner that the person recorded is made to look the guilty party. Tech savvy phones, increase in browsing capability and separate friends and lives and all types of distractions has led to increase the distance between two spouses. 7500 cases are filed for divorce in Mumbai, 9000 in Delhi and 3000 in Bangalore each year. 70 per cent of the cases are being filed by couples between the age groups of 25 to 45 and 85 per do it within the first year of their marriage. Mobile phones have indirectly caused divorces with incriminating evidence of infidelity like text messages and emails discovered on their spouses’ mobile phones. The only way to clear their doubts and suspicious is to get a sleuth to check out the details or identity of the person your spouse has befriended. Getting call records is an illegal activity and is a service one can avail if he/she goes through the police. Everyone wants a stable life in a marriage but problems do arise, don’t become a detective hire a professional who will do the job for you. From a discreet enquiry to having your spouse under constant watch to clear your doubts. The best people to do the job are Sleuths India Consultancy (P) Ltd., check their website for contact details or call 1800-102-0208.

Ouch! This STING hurts.

Sting OPS or operations have become a norm and are being used to expose corrupt government servants to ministers. From news channels to private citizens everyone has an axe to grind with someone. Some do to expose corruption and others to take revenge or just a tit for tat action. Using high end pinhole cameras and tiny microphones hidden in buttons, bags, glass cases, diaries, pens, etc. are used to record the subject’s movements and also their voices in conversation. It all started with Tehelka then came other news channels Aaj Tak, India TV, CNN, Star and now every news channel wants a part of an expose’ on TV. Done in the right place and time it can expose many people but also put those ‘damned’ on guard. This makes them extra careful and they keep checking for bugs, or sting operations when it is not happening but when they happen they never really come to know and fall into the trap. A few cases where the sting caused a sensation:- 1. NDTV showed how Sanjay Nanda’s lawyer was trying to make the key witness retract his story of him killing seven people under his BMW In 1999. Sanjay Nanda was the son of Navy Chief at that time. 2. 2001 Tehelka launched Operation Westend to expose corruption in the Indian Defence Ministry. 3. 2005 India TV sent an undercover reporter as a starlet to Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma who were ready to get her a break in movies and plump roles if she would give them se xual favours. 4. Tehelka and Star TV in 2006 exposed how Manu Sharma forced the defence witnesses to speak in his favour. 5. In 2008 CNN IBN caught Amar Singh’s MP on camera handing over money to BJP MPs in Lok Sabha. 6. Delhi Police arrests two senior Zee group editors where they demanded a 100 crore from Jindals to drop a news about Jindals in the news. Sting Op is considered legal as an individual has the right to expose corrupt government servants and ministers etc. Article 51 (A) of the constitution of India gives you a right to expose the corrupt. This is called legal entrapment and all those who come together to expose can corroborate the evidence. Now stings can be used to expose even a corrupt business partner, corrupt colleague, personal relation or wayward spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend. Need to expose someone or something then get the best Sleuths to do the job. Sleuths India Consultancy (P) Ltd. Or Call 1800-102-0208 or log on to

Pre Marriage verification is a must!!!

Ten to fifteen years back it was easy for any girl or boy to agree to the marriage proposal set up by their parents. The parents and the uncles and aunts got involved in verifying the details of the boy or girl. But with the advent of internet and mobile phones the boy and girl like to choose their own partners. Choosing your own partner is easy but whether he is right in every manner – character, financially, socially, habit wise, everything has to be accounted for before you take the plunge of a married life. Everything is done on trust and that is the most difficult to attain in this day and age of machines. An SMS, an email or internet chatting does not really tell you the other person’s intentions and what he/she is really. Save yourself and your future with the help of private detectives. Once such agency is Sleuths India Consultancy (p) Ltd with 16 years of experience and some of the most talented staff, they can help solve your queries and misunderstandings in complete secrecy. Collecting evidence and also doing surveillance are just two ways to achieve their goal. Their website give you detailed explanation on how they go about the entire operation. You can also call 1800-102-0208. A pre mat enquiry saved an individual’s life from turning hell. Chatting with a friend whom he though was compatible to him on the net, he decided to marry her but a timely intervention on behalf of another his friend led to an enquiry that revealed that she was already living with another man whom the world knew as her husband but was a live-in relation and she was also fooling the clients friend into believing that she loved him and wanted to marry him. On being confronted she refused but more probing the real truth came out. The client was extremely happy with the result of the investigation. Persistent hard work by the investigators leads to truth. Help a loved one face the truth because THE TRUTH STARTS FROM HERE.

Missing Someone!!!

Ability to locate a missing person can be for many a reason. Or it could be just a simple case of fraud committed by the subject. They can be traced with the help of Sleuths, who use the method of skip tracing when the contact information is not complete. Skip tracing is locating an individual’s location for all types of reason. It is also to collect information on the subject. Sleuths may use credit details, loan application, tax information, bill payments etc. or telephone databases to collect information. Finding someone for any of a number of reasons, these could be witnesses, lost parents, spouse avoiding paying alimony, lost love, friends and / or relatives. Locating them depends on how long the person has been missing, the area from where he has gone missing and the information that is at hand. The tracing could begin from the last call made or the last purchase via credit or debit card and last known address. A little research, a little leg work, vehicle information, property information can provide clues to the location of the skipped person. The experience of an investigator helps him in locating an individual more than anything else. Sleuths India Consultancy (P) Ltd. Well known for the last sixteen years will acquire information from every available source till the point when they find the person or the chances have totally diminished. Get in touch with Sleuths India Consultancy (P) Ltd. Via their website; or call 1800-102-0208

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My first novel The Rajput Warrior can be found on Here is the link for my readers

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Desert Chronicles IV - Rajputs and Rajputana

This book talks about the Rajputs, what and who they are. This book gives information about their origin, their clans, ruling centers, culture etc. This book is good source for those who wish to know more about the Rajputs. This book is available for $3 at You ca read a small sample before downloading the entire book.